Retro Friday

Retro Friday 4/21/17: The best retro gaming finds of the week!

1. Love the code at the bottom too! From @mariomadness01 on Instagram

2. Super cool, old school Zelda map! From @longie_long on Twitter

3. Solid red N64 Controller. Love it. From @thegebs24 on Instagram

4. Old school Star Wars game! From @SergioGrazzini0 on Twitter

5. I had Tomb Raider on the Saturn. This is a solid combo! From @saturnauctions on Twitter

6. Super Marios Bros: The Lost Levels! What a solid find! From @bob_the_goon on Instagram

7. It would be so sick to have this. From @vintage_arcade on Twitter

8. I really want to play these! From @hyliaan on Instagram

9. Yeeeessss! From @todellisuudenrajamailla on Instagram

10. Pretty sweet Mario McDonald’s pendant! From @ColonelFalcon

11. Solid Resident Evil screenshot for 4/20 from @13thfloorgaming on Instagram

12. And just because I am really excited for this! From @nintendolife on Instagram

Drop a comment below! See you next week!

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