Time Recoil – Unreleased Info! Exclusive Interview With Lead Game Designer, Sampo Töyssy! 

Hello fellow gamers! I am super excited to have Sampo Töyssy (Vice CEO of 10tons) here to answer some questions regarding their sweet upcoming game, Time Recoil! Let’s get to it!

Can you give me a brief description of what Time Recoil is about?

Sampo Töyssy: Time Recoil is a top-down shooter where you kill to slow time. Ultimately you must kill Mr. Time to prevent him from taking the world hostage with his weapon of mass destruction. In addition to slowing time you can dash through walls and enemies and even freeze the time completely.

The gameplay is one-shot-kills but levels are short and you can retry quickly. There are some shooter puzzle elements in the game like “who should I kill first”, “what is the best route to take” and “I need to activate time freeze to get through this trap”. We’ll also provide several difficulty levels from casual to murderous. The murderous should be challenging to even veteran top-down shooters.

The slow motion aspect of this games looks ridiculously cool! Can you elaborate on how the slow motion works? 

ST: It’s super easy to use: Just shoot someone. The slow motion kicks in instantly. However, you must find your next kill quickly to stay in slow motion. If you can’t find the next kill the slow motion ends. This encourages the player to find a “killing flow” to complete a level.
The videos show the hero just tearing through enemies. How difficult will this game be? Will you often find yourself trying to kill someone to get back to slow motion speed?
Once you kill one additional target in slow motion, you get the Dash special move. So, two kills total in slow motion grant you Dash.

You activate Dash with the left mouse button or LT on a gamepad. So, it should be quite easy. Based on testing and feedback it looks like the players get it quite easily. If you line up your dashes targeting two or more enemies at once, you can keep dashing non-stop as long as you find two targets for each move. There are also more powerful moves.

You can take down enemies at normal speed as well, but naturally you’re much more vulnerable. The idea is that you try to find and easy “slow motion trigger” kill and then continue the carnage in slow motion.

The player dashes to evade rockets and then kills everyone.

What types of special moves will the hero gain?

ST: For two kills in slow motion you get Dash. With this you can plow through walls and enemies quickly.

For four kills, you get Dash-Blast which blows a conical whole instead of dash. You can kill more with this one. The range is also extended.

Six kills grant you Psy-Blast. This will devastate a large circular area. With this you can reach beyond the thick walls also so you can kill targets which are hard to reach.

The fourth one is Time Freeze. After 9 kills on slow motion, the time will freeze automatically. You can achieve a lot things in this mode like reach areas which have been previously inaccessible.

How long is this game or how many levels can we expect?

ST: We’re aiming for a roughly 4-5 hour long base “campaign” and 50-60 separate levels. Many missions are double or triple levels with checkpoints in between. The scope is similar to SUPERHOT and Hotline Miami which are great sources of inspiration for Time Recoil.
On top of the base campaign we have a Time Attack (or speed run) mode where you can try to play the levels as quickly as possible. There’ll be leaderboards for each level so you can see who among your friends is fastest or try to climb on the global leaderboards.

Then there are at least three difficulty levels, so you can complete the game several times. The Murderous difficulty level unlocks after first playthrough. We’re also planning a bunch of secrets for the player to discover. It depends on the player how long all of this will take to complete in the end.

The player shooting at some tougher enemies with body armor and helmets

Are there other super hero villain bosses that you will face besides Mr. Time?

ST: There will be tougher enemies like the bodyguards of Mr. Time. However, Mr. Time is the main target and the mad scientist evil dictator villain the player must kill.

There is mention of time travel. What time periods will we be traveling through?

The game has two distinct eras: The time before Mr. Time took world hostage and the time after that. The player’s faction is somewhere in the late 80s and the “Paris Day” happened around th 1979 or so. The player travels back in time with the ultimate goal of killing Mr. Time. There are also some glimpses into 1990s and further but mainly short scenes for story telling purposes.

Is there a release timeframe that you are shooting for?

ST: We hope to be in beta in 4-6 weeks or so. This is a tight schedule so it remains to be seen how well can we reach this. We’ll keep working hard and see where it gets us.

For any other game developers reading this, what advice can you give based on what you’ve learned from developing this game?

ST: We’ve tried to deliver a single message with this game: Kill to slow time. In previous games our main message hasn’t been that focused. It looks like people are getting it. The market is a lot more crowded than in 2014 so you really have to focus on your message. People have less and less time to learn about your game, so you need to get their attention quickly. Focusing your message is one way to do it.

What platform(s) will this be released on?

ST: Currently PC, PS4 and Xbox One are 100% confirmed. Mobile is a possibility – it seems there’s a market for PC/Console style top quality premium games there even though most people are doing F2P. Mac and Linux versions on Steam are also possible but not 100% certain. We’d also want to bring the game to Nintendo Switch naturally. PS Vita is possible as well, not confirmed yet though.

Will there be a beta that fans can sign up for? If so, how can they sign up?

ST: Go to and leave your e-mail there. We’ll randomly pull testers from the mailing list. At the moment there are a few hundred testers. We need at least a hundred more for each phase, so chances of getting in are currently high.

Where can readers find out more information about Time Recoil?

ST: is a good place to start. Also this interview contains a lot of yet unreleased details 🙂

The game can now be wishlisted on Steam:, and you should also check out

Thanks so much to Sampo Töyssy for sharing some exclusive information with Quick Fix Gaming! Keep this super rad game on your radar peeps! It looks fantastic!

Any questions/comments, drop a note below!

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